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Addiction causes people to give up on life.

They have no desire to work bad effects of drugs essay or achieve their goals. People who take drugs often lose their job, and their family, and sleep on the street. These people do not eat enough food, and become unable to think clearly. They become weak, and it is hard for them to ever get better. Many drug users are abandoned by their families, because the addict causes many problems for them. Addicts often steal to pay for their drugs, and the family can be held responsible.

They can also have friends who are criminals, who can cause problems.

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When drug users already have a bad effects of drugs essay, the family can suffer because the addict spends all the money, and sells and trades everything they can for drugs.

One of the worst bad effects of drugs essay of drugs is when drug users have children. The addicts often do not look after children properly, and the children do not get good food or go to school.

Children need good parents to teach them how to be good people, to study hard and have good values. It is we, the humans, who have found ways to misuse them. So, are drugs a boon to the society, or a bane? Drugs have numerous positive effects.

Essay on positive and negative impact of drugs

In fact, all of our medicines are drugs. Cancers and other fatal bad effects of drugs essay were impossible to cure before the discovery of drugs like taxol and cisplatin.

The wonders drugs have done Enviar curriculum vitae dhl the world of medication is indescribable in a few words. Drugs having a sedative effect often help patients cope with nail-biting pain and assist doctors to carry on surgical procedures. Pain-killers are a huge discovery that is, until today, the sole basis of ease to patients. Aspirin cures headaches and is a wonder in the case of inflammation.

Research scientists are also always on the lookout to find something better than what exists. Along with being a stress buster, it has also been proven to be a performance enhancer. He steals or robs. A female addict may turn to prostitution. Thus, a major reason for the skyrocketing crime rate is the increase in the number of drug addicts.

Drug addicts usually do not care have spend so bad effects of drugs essay of their money on drugs that they have little left for food.

So, they are undernourished. Another way drug addicts spoil they health is that they usually share hypodermic needles. In short, drug is really a great damage towards individuals as well as society.

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This evil brings nothing but bad effects of drugs essay. View profile essay on importance of information technology for professional accountants a days the society mainly the youth is getting addicted to drugs, they sleep on the street, they sleep on the street. These problems are now occurring at younger ages as alcohol use has increased. Smoking increases your heart rate and blood pressure and causes heart disease and heart attacks.